Zeta Grid Ban
Incident Report for AI Grid Status
Statement from Zeta

Our Statement;

our website address is: http://ai.let-us.cyou/JOpensim/
Our grid have invite system for residents and not allow to local registration but access to grid public regions isnt restricted any kind.
Website isnt default opensim website that was well offensive for us, you can easy see here: http://ai.let-us.cyou/JOpensim/index.php?option=com_opensim because it is custom made login screen but also invitation system isnt in jOpensim by default,
AI Grid have also authentication system who disallow login via non TPVD viewers also listed on our page, its protection for us what make all this perfectly safe for everyone.
We are approved also by Gloebit payment system what isnt easy to make.
Planned update for now will be also https, display names, abuse raport system, and few others.
What i can say, its totaly unfair statement, and i not understand any reasons of this ban unless hate.
Well they have right to do so, i am sorry everyone, hope this situation is first and last
Ai Grid CEO
Posted Mar 06, 2022 - 19:00 CET